Welcome to my blog.  I thought that I would start a new blog in the hope that I will be able to pass along some of the ideas and tips that I have learned muddling through life, that may help others in these hard economic times.

Whether you are just starting out, getting ready to retire, or just trying to survive in an economy that seems to have more downs than ups right now, there are a lot of things we can do to make it easier. 

I will be posting recipes for food, cleaning products and miscellaneous items that you can easily and inexpensively do at home yourself, with common everyday items that you may already have in your cupboard.  Getting organized can also help you save money.  Just knowing what you have in your closets and cupboards, and cleaning out and simplifying the clutter will make you feel great!

I will also link you to other sites that will go further indepth on using coupons, shopping the sales and loss leaders at the grocery store, and shopping at CVS and Walgreens receiving 'extra bucks' and 'register rewards'.

You will find some articles about using and reinventing things that you may have lying around the house, or pick up at garage sales and thrift stores.  Rethinking uses for things can renew the way you see things.

Sewing and crafting is a great love of mine, and thinking outside the box when it comes to gift giving, or updating or repairing items that you have can be a challenge.  Its a great feeling to take something that you think you have no use for, or has come to the end of its life, and be able to recreate it into something else.

So I hope that you join me on this journey.  I hope to hear your ideas and any input or suggetions are gladly accepted! 

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