Back in Town!

Hello!  It's always good to get back home. As much as I enjoy seeing other places, the phrase 'there's no place like home" is always correct.  Although I do have to admit, I was enjoying the scenery and the wonderful weather!  It's still hot here, and it was nice to be able to go out hiking without worrying about sun stroke and heat exhaustion!



This picture is of Jacksonville, OR.  The town is a historic site, and it was just lovely!  There were cornhusks with scarecrows attached to shop posts and lamp posts through town.  The buildings, all lovingly restored looked fresh and clean.  It was really a beautiful place to see!

I love the old advertising painted on the sides of some of the buildings.





These would make great paintings! 



A beautiful and inspiring place!  Also, free to walk around and enjoy the sites!


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