Fall Decorating Inexpensively

I love fall.  It makes me turn my attention to the inside of the house, and making it feel cozy, inviting and comfortable.  I enjoy finding ways to decorate, that are natural and inexpensive.

One of my favorite things is potting mums.  I went to the local Home Depot today, and picked up a couple.  I usually get the 4″ pots, because they fill up the pot in no time.  I also look for lots of buds so that I know they will be blooming for some time to come.


Another thing that I do is pick up a couple of pumpkins to carve for Halloween.  Only I wait to carve them, and use them for decoration for awhile first.


These are setting on a bench, right below my hanging scarecrow.  I picked him up a couple of years ago in a clearance sale at a local fabric store.  You can’t beat a 75% off sale!  And I’ll be able to re-use him for years to come!


Inside the house, I just display any winter squash that I pick up (on sale of course) at the grocery store, until I am ready to use them.  Now if you have a garden, these items may already be at available to you.  This year I also got a couple of sugar pumpkins for my holiday pie making.


They add nicely to the display, along with the nut topiaries that I made a couple of years ago, with some nuts that we didn’t use from the year before!

Other ideas are to gather up any pine cones and put them in a bowl or basket, or gather leaves from nearby trees that have changed color, and display them!


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