Christmas Entertainment Without Breaking the Budget!

The holiday season is coming up fast!  In just four weeks it will be Thanksgiving, then Christmas vacation will be here, and then… the Christmas holiday itself.  If you’re like most, you will be seeing $$$ signs in your sleep.

Well, one way to entertain the kids is to get your books, music, and DVD’s for Christmas from your local library!  Most libraries have a wide selection, and you can check these items all out for free.  They will also get these items from other libraries, if they don’t have what you’re looking for!

My local library will let me reserve these items online, and then just stop by to pick them up.

You can also get books on decorating for the holidays, entertaining, cooking, baking, and craft projects.  There are great ideas for gifts, and you can also pick up some books there for those that don’t mind getting used books and DVD’s as gifts.

The library is a great source for ideas and a great way to help keep you within your budget this Christmas!

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