Containers for those Homemade Gifts


If you’re like me, you like to give and receive handmade/homemade gifts.  But getting things together for everyone on your list can still crunch your budget.  I am always on the lookout for particular items that I can use all through the year as I go to garage sales and the thrift stores (places that I like to hang out!)  Here are some items and what you can do with them.  And be creative, share any ideas that you have, that I haven’t thought of myself!

1. Decorative bottles and decanters – use these for flavored oils, flavored vinegars, homemade liquers, use to store homemade bubble bath, or use in the kitchen for your dish detergent.

2.  Canning and jelly jars – use for homemade jams & jellies, fill with candy or cookies, layer gift mixes (I’ll be posting some at a later time), dessert sauces like chocolate or caramel, make powdered bubble bath or bath salts, facial scrubs, any spa type of product and top with a decorated lid, a piece of fabric with ribbon or a pretty napkin or gift paper.

3.  Pet dishes – dishes in good condition or tins as well, make a great storage container for your favorite pet’s homemade dog or cat treats. (watch for recipes for these later as well)

4.  Baskets in good condition, plant pots (great for planting and starting your own bulbs), you can take any container that is in good condition and fix it up, make up gift baskets or put in treats for those neighbors that may drop by.

5.  Decorative or printed cloth or towels that can be made into liners, or just laid in those baskets that you pick up.

6.  Glass vases.  There are tons!  You can make terrariums, use to store soap in the bathroom, put in a goldfish or betta!

I’m sure that there are tons of other ideas, these are just a few that are easy for just about anyone to come up with.  Stay tuned for some recipes to make for these containers!

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