Post Holiday Sales

Christmas is over, and many of you may have already hit the post Christmas clearance sales.  This year, since I didn’t have anything in particular that I needed or wanted to purchase, I didn’t go.  I’m waiting.

Why wait?  Well, what I like to do is wait until about a week has gone by, like I said, there wasn’t anything I really needed, and then see what is left.  After about a week, the stores will increase mark downs from 50% or 60%, to 75% or more.  Then, if there is anything that I see that would make a good gift, or maybe some wrapping paper or gift bags, I’ll pick it up then.

I am stocked up from prior years, so I can now afford to wait until the crowds die down, and I get further markdowns. And if there isn’t anything that I want left, it won’t matter.  But this year, at least where I live, I noticed that there seems to be quite a bit left in the stores.

Make sure that you stop by drug stores and grocery stores and look at their clearance items.  They don’t get as much foot traffic as stores like Walmart and Target, or the department stores, so there is usually a larger selection to pick from.

Remember when you shop, that red candles, wrapping, and dishes all can be used for Valentines Day, or July 4th celebrations.  And green can be used for St. Patrick’s Day, or the Easter holidays.

Also, any chocolate that is wrapped in Christmas colors, is still chocolate.  You can freeze bags of kisses or miniature bars, and use them in baking throughout the year.

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