Week 1 – January Food Tip – Brown Sugar

I thought that a good way to start out the new year would be to give a weekly tip to use that will save you money on food, or in the kitchen.  Some of these things you may already know because you are a seasoned cook, but there may be some that you never thought of, or maybe you are just learning to cook.

So my first tip for 2009 is about food storage.  This will actually be 2 tips in one!  I like to put my flour, sugar, baking soda and other baking ingredients in plastic containers or jars to help keep them fresh, and bug free.  It also makes it easier to measure out the amount that I need a little more accurately.

Brown Sugar

And the second part; to soften brown sugar that may have gotten hard, place a piece/slice of apple in your container.  In a few days, your brown sugar will be soft again!

Have a great New Year!!

One response to “Week 1 – January Food Tip – Brown Sugar

  1. And also, the good ol’ terra cotta disk which works extremely well just soaking, drying, and lying on top of the brown sugar in the sealed container. I’m always a bit suspicious of the bread or apple! :o)
    Cindy H