Week 3 – January Food Tip – Dried Cereal

Ever look into the back of the pantry and find a partial box of cereal that has been open forever, and now seems stale?  Don’t throw it away!  Use in in other recipes.

  • Crush it and sprinkle over casseroles to add a crunchy bite.
  • Crush it, add your favorite herbs and use to ‘bread’ chicken, pork chops, or fish before baking or frying.
  • Crush it up and add to your meatloaf for a filler.
  • Use sturdier flakes or O’s (like Cheerios) by adding to a homemade trail mix or granola.
  • Also, try spreading on a cookie sheet, heat over to 350 degrees and toast for a few minutes, making sure you watch it closely.  This will depend upon the cereal you use, but it could ‘freshen’ it up so you can just add your milk and eat.

Here is a link that I stumbled across that has lots recipes using corn flakes called Nancy’s Kitchen.  Enjoy!

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