Our Mental Well-Being During Economic Downturns

It is hard to keep an upbeat feeling when we lose a job, or the prospect of losing a job is looming over us. Just listening to the news about the economy right now is enough to depress anyone. It is important to try to keep a positive attitude when you are out there looking for a job or having to tighten your belt to get through rough times. You need to do things daily that have positive a outcome. Here are a few things that you can do that will help you to keep a positive attitude and may also put a little cash in your pocket at the same time:

  • Take the time to start cleaning out and organizing that garage that has needed attention for months. You’ll not only accomplish something you have been wanting to do, you may find some things that you don’t need any more that you can list on Craig’s list or put aside for that spring garage sale. In fact, now may be the time to also go through all of your closets and get them cleaned out and organized as well.
  • Do you have room for a garden in your yard? Now would be the time to start planning for spring planting. Putting in a garden would give you exercise, and some healthy food besides, saving you money at the grocery
    store. Look at websites like www.organicgardening.com for some gardening advice. Check out books at the library about gardening and start researching what type of plants will grow well in your area.
  • Do you do a craft or sew? You might check local churches and organizations and see if they have any spring bazaars coming up. Look around the house and see if there are any supplies, fabric, or materials that you can
    remake into other things. Think outside the box here. See about doing a bazaar this spring to bring in a little money, with little outflow. Or maybe try selling the items that you make on Etsy.com. This may also be
    a great time to make things for a head start on gifts for birthdays or the holidays next year. Check out the
    library as a source of how-to books, or check out these websites for some crafting ideas and how-to’s:  One Pretty ThingFamily Crafts at About.com.
  • Try to get more exercise. Exercise is a great stress reliever. Go for walks or go to the park. If the weather
    in your area isn’t cooperative, is there a nearby mall that you can walk in the mornings or evenings? Get
    outside and play with the kids.
  • How about outings to places that don’t cost you anything? The library for story time for the kids, maybe an event at a local church, or a free museum? Depending on where you live, there is probably a list of events happening locally that you can find on the internet, and are free to attend. Getting out of the house and doing something different helps you to take your mind off of negative things.

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