Week 10 – March Food Tip – Avocado Tips

Avocados are great, but sometimes it is hard to keep them around for long.  Here are a couple of tips that may help:

To keep cut avocados green:

1.  Place halved avocado flesh side down in a bowl of water with a little lemon juice, will keep for a few days;

2.  Lightly spray the exposed flesh with vegetable oil, wrap it in foil and refrigerate.  Will keep for a few days;

3.  Keep the pit in the cut side of the avocado, rub the avocado with lemon juice, wrap in plastic and refrigerate.

You can freeze avocado by mashing it in a sealed plastic container with little air space; or try a sealed plastic bag, trying to squeeze all the air out.

Did you know:

Avocados only ripen after they are picked, store in a brown paper bag in a cool spot for 1 – 3 days to ripen.

The best way to pit and slice an avocado is to cut the avocado in half lengthwise around the pit.  Twist each half in opposite directions to separate.

The two most popular avocado varieties are the Haas – grown in California amd Mexico, and the Fuerte which is grown in Florida.

Avocados are high in vitamins A, C. E. as well as potassium, folate and dietary fiber.

3 responses to “Week 10 – March Food Tip – Avocado Tips

  1. Thanks for all the avocado tips. I will definitely be trying out the storing in a brown paper bag trick, as often in the past I’ve avoided buying them due to not wanting to wait it out.

    Another benefit to avocados is that they have a good alkaline effect on the body. Many health experts feel that most people need to reduce acidity in the physiology for better health, as most disorders, such as cancer, propagate much more in an acidic environment.

  2. Another benefit that I didn’t mention is that they are a good fat, which can help to lower cholesterol which may prevent heart disease.

    Thanks for the information about alkalinity. I didn’t know that!