Week 12 – March Food Tip – Lemons

Fresh Arizona Lemons

Fresh Arizona Lemons

Here are some tips for using lemons:


  • Before juicing, roll the lemon back and forth on a hard countertop, using the heel of your hand.  This crushed the juice cells within the membranes and softens the fruit.
  • Remove the zest first to make it easier to squeeze the juice from the fruit.
  • Heat the lemon in the microwave for about 25 seconds before squeezing.
  • Always have fresh lemon juice:  Cut lemons in half and place in a plastic bag in the freezer.  Allow the lemon to defrost overnight before squeezing.

Zesting Lemons:

  • Use a sharp vegetable peeler and make gentle sawing motions to peel away small strips of peel.
  • Only grate the thin colored top coat of the skin to prevent bitter flavors.
  • Zest just before using to get the strongest oils.
  • The finely grated zest releases more flavor than larger strips will.
  • Remove the zest from a grater by brushing off with a pastry brush.
  • Grate the zest over a piece of wax paper to make it easier to gather the zest for measuring.

Other uses for lemons:

  • Citrus Disinfectant – Add the peel to 3 c. white vinegar, in a clean quart jar with a lid.  Store in cupboard for 2 weeks, shaking occasionally.  Remove the peel from jar of vinegar, add 1 c. of the vinegar to 32 oz. spray bottle, adding water until filled.
  • Lemon Oil Furniture Polish – 1/3 c. lemon juice, 1 c. olive oil.  Mix in 16 oz. spray bottle.  Apply to a soft flannel cloth or chamois, evenly over wood surface.  Use another dry flannel cloth to buff and polish.
  • Use as a meat tenderizer – squeezed over meat, lemon juice will break down tough fibers quickly and adds a citrus taste as well.
  • Tough Toilet Bowl Cleaner – 1/3 c. lemon juice, 2/3 c. borax.  Mix together to make a paste. Apply to tiolet bowl using a sponge or rag.  Let the paste set for 2 hours, then scrub off.  Flush toilet.

There are hundreds of uses for lemons. These are just a few that I hope are helpful to you.


2 responses to “Week 12 – March Food Tip – Lemons

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  2. hi cheryl, it’s me again! :) i love your blogs! and i’m fascinated by this lemon post. i will be trying the toilet cleaner since i love borax. i have a question: is it worth your time to freeze the zest of lemons? i’ve often had recipes that call for lots of lemons but not the zest and i always feel wasteful! also, had no idea you could freeze lemons–i think my 2yo would love to suck on a partially frozen lemon!!!