Lemon Extract

I thought a fun addition to my lemon recipes week would be Lemon Extract!

All you need is some vodka, a few fresh lemons, a clean glass jar or bottle.  Using a peeler, take some rind off of the lemon, being careful not to get the white pith.  Depending on whether you are using a jar or bottle, adjust the size of the strips so that you can place them inside the vessel.

Lemons for Extract

I am using a jar to start with, and when this is done, I will transfer it to a bottle. My strips are about 1/2″ wide.

Fill the jar or bottle 1/2 full of the rind peelings. Add vodka to fill the vessel to the top and attach a lid.

Lemons with Vodka

Set the jar aside, leave at room temperature.  At least once a day, shake up the jar and rind.  After the 1st week, strain out the rind (the oil will all be removed from the rind) and replace with fresh peelings. The 2nd week, check the liquid by smelling, or tasting, to see if it is strong enough.  Continue to shake the jar daily until you are satisfied with the strength. This should take about 2 weeks.

WaitingSo, here it is, waiting!  Join me and lets see , it already smells good and lemony!

This would make a great gift for someone that bakes!  Put it in a pretty bottle and give it with a recipe and the other ingredients in a basket!

Have fun!

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