Comments on the Ultimate Blog Party 2009

The Ultimate Blog Party 2009 was a wonderful experience!  I have met so many interesting people, both through this blog and my sewing blog The Stitchin’ Chicken. I think that I will introduce a few at a time and give you some links so that visit them if you haven’t already.  Please note that these are in no particular order, and do not necessarily mean that I prefer these over others. Every couple of days I will post more.  Go get clicking!

1.  Real Simple Saving Methods – There are rebates, coupons, sweeps, freebies and money saving tips.

2. Engineering A Debt Free Life – Lots of saving tips, cooking, earning points for certificates or making money online, saving in everyday living.  A lot of things to check out here.

3.  “Cents” able Momma – Walgreens deals, coupons, free items, CVS deals and more!

4.  Raging Bear Ranch – She has printable coupons, sale info, promotions and lots of other things she likes to write about.  Lovely blog!

5.  Getting Ahead – She talks about home schooling, living frugally, lots of sharing of money saving ideas.

I’ll be posting more later.  So get to visiting these lovely people and start saving!

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