Some Green Ideas

Today is Earth Day and I like to recognize it by taking another look at how I can lessen my footprint while I’m here.  Living green also save us money.  I thought I would just list a few green things that I do with my computer that also save time and money:

  • Online banking – it’s free at many banks, you save on postage and envelopes, you can pay your bills anywhere that you can access a computer, payments don’t get lost in the mail, you can save time by setting up payments that are recurring to be automatic and set up future dates, its easy to have automatic transfers from your checking account into your savings.
  • Sign up for credit card and bank statements to come to your e-mail inbox, rather than your mailbox.  This saves paper coming through the mail, neighbors don’t know your personal business (unless you choose to tell them), it helps lessen the chance for identity theft because others don’t receive your account information.
  • Sign up to get sales ads in your e-mail inbox rather than in the mail. Stores will also send coupons this way, and you can print out only the ones you will use.
  • When making a major purchase, do your research online before going out to shop.  You can find product reviews, pricing, and details about the product.  You can do comparisons of different brands and options, depending upon what you are shopping for, before actually going out to buy.  This can save you hundreds of dollars on major appliances, you can even research the availability of service for the product.
  • Download books, patterns, recipes, newspapers, and tax forms on your computer and save them.  You can access them when you need them so you aren’t using storage space, or using paper and ink for printing unless you need them.  I know that I will gather a lot of recipes that I may not use, and they’re in the cupboard taking up space.  It’s been pretty convenient for me to locate a recipe in a file I keep on my computer and its easy to search to find what I am looking for.

These are just a few of hundreds of things you can use your computer for to lessen the amount of paper use and storage space for that paper.

Take a bag with you to the store today, and have a wonderful Earth Day!

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  1. Interesting to know.