Progress – Part I. Getting the House Ready….

I have been so busy doing things, and not writing here on the blog!  I know that I told you that I would be posting our progress on our quest (I guess you might call it that) to move back into the Northwest.  I have been so immersed in getting everything done to sell the house, find another house, do taxes, etc. etc.  that I haven’t shared any of it. Shame on me for not getting back here! There is so much going on that I thought that I would write it in sections.  That way I can also share some things that I’ve learned along the way.

So here is where we’re at…..still working on the house.  We have made some excellent progress here.  We hired out some of the things we wanted to get done, to make sure that they were done the way they should be.  That included a new kitchen sink and faucet, new faucets in the master bath sinks, tub (needed to take apart the marble surround on the tub to get to the plumbing!) and in the master shower.

Master Bath Roman Tub Faucet

Master Sink Faucets

Also some new faucets in the sink and tub in the second bath.  We had a new door put in to the back patio, which included doing some rough-in work.  The doors here are custom made because of the height of the ceilings and doorways on the house.  We also replaced the triple-section door from our bedroom out to a courtyard, which is in the front of the house.  This also included some rough-in work, the door was slightly different in size.

Bedroom Courtyard Door

We had our old tile torn out of the master bath, and new tile installed.

Master Bath Tile

I absolutely love how it turned out!  There is also a new sink and faucet in the laundry room.  And we had some windows repaired that didn’t open right, or the seal was gone in them.  Here you have the sun and the heat to deal with, and it seems to be hard on everything!

I know that it sounds like the house was totally falling apart when you look at everything that we have been working on.  Really, we have lived in it for 12 years, and some of this is just the everyday wear.  We also live in an area where the snowbirds that come in for the winter own homes, which are only lived in for part of the year.  This puts us in direct competition in a market where a house the same as ours, is not as ‘lived in’.

I think that I’ll stop here for now.  I will be back to share the parts of the remodel/upgrading that we are tackling ourselves right now!

Thanks so much for stopping by and sharing this journey with me.!


One response to “Progress – Part I. Getting the House Ready….

  1. Wow, I really love the new faucets and new tile and door to the courtyard! Looks like you guys are making great progress. After all this work, you may wish you had done those things sooner so you could enjoy them too. We replaced a kitchen floor right before we sold our condo in Colorado, and then wished we could have used that nice new floor. Keep it up!