Progress – Part 2.. Getting the House Ready

In the last post, I told you about progress on the house and some of what we hired out to have done by others that have more expertise in the areas of construction, window repair, plumbing and tiling, than we have.  This time I thought that I would share the things that we are doing ourselves to get the house prepared to put on the market for sale.

One project, that has turned out to be fairly extensive is to refinish my front entry door.


Front Entry Door - Partially Stripped


The door is oak and gets a fair amount of sun daily, especially during the summer months.  The sun damage to wood here can become quite extensive and although I did treat the door to a heavy coat of varathane a couple of years ago, I decided that it needed to be striped down and sanded and given a new coat of stain and protective seal.  So I have been stripping, and stripping, and sanding………..

This is where I am now.  If the weather cooperates this weekend, (I started this post on Friday, and the weather did not cooperate!) I should be able to finish the stripping and sanding, and have it ready for a good coat of stain.  We also purchased all new entry hardware for all of the outside doors and had them re-keyed to match. I will have to try to get to this door during the week after work I guess!

Other things we have completed include the installation of new landscape lighting and wiring in the back and side yard of the house, a new pump on our spa, a new reverse osmosis system in the kitchen (this was a replacement), new paint in the second bath (my daughter’s bathroom), repainting the baseboards in my bedroom, and some touch-up paint in the kitchen.

This weekend I did get my walk-in closet all painted, and cleaned up.  It looks so great!  One more project bites the dust!

Next weekend I am planning on getting my daughter’s room painted and cleaned out, and then we will be ready for new carpet.

We are almost there!  Yea!!!

Thanks for stopping by!  I hope you have a wonderful week!


One response to “Progress – Part 2.. Getting the House Ready

  1. It’s amazing how much work a simple thing like a door can be! especially from the sun! Your list of things completed looks huge, which must feel good to get so much done. There is always some project to get done when you own a house, even if you’re staying put. Good luck on your closet project this week.