Great Idea – Stock Up on Gifts!

After every holiday and at the end of every season there are discount sales on merchandise.  Never, and I mean never, pay full price for anything!  And if you can pick up something that you need, or you know you can use for a gift for someone on clearance, or at the thrift store or a garage sale, do it!


Gift Storage Box


I keep a box up in my closet.  A cardboard works for me.  When I see something that I know I can use for a birthday, special occasion, Christmas or any event that comes up, I place it in this box and put it up on a shelf in my closet.


Closer look at gift box


Now depending upon the space that you have and the conditions that you have to deal with to store extra items, you may want to get a plastic container to protect your purchases. It is not helpful to purchase something for a great price and have it get ruined.

Some of the things that I gather for this box are containers from the thrift store that I can use to put in homemade bath or food products, note pads, note cards, recipe cards and bath items are always good to pick up because you can make up a bag or basket for someone. I also like to pick up on picture frames, especially ones that I can paint a color that would work for the recipient.

This has saved me many special and ‘expensive’ last minute trips to the mall to get a gift.  I think it is a ‘good idea’!

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One response to “Great Idea – Stock Up on Gifts!

  1. I used to have a stash of gifts on hand like this, but I think I’ve used almost all of them up! I like your list of things to gather. Candles are always good thing to have around too. I should have it better organized like yours. Great idea, especially for those last-minute hostess gifts!