I am moving my home over here…………….

I posted about my new home in Washington over on The Stitchin’ Chicken blog yesterday, (mainly the yard and a peak at the front of the house) but I think that I will I am going to continue my story over here at All My Eggs.  I actually started this blog to write about things at home, ways to save money, recipes, how-tos and other things that I think (or hope) others will find interesting or helpful to them.  The Stitchin’ Chicken is my place to share my sewing and crafting.  So I hope you will join me and my moving/selling/home improvement/remodeling/junk collecting, etc……………over here!

I thought that I would share a few pictures of the inside of my new home with you.  Remember that I took these while unpacking, and I have actually gotten most of the boxes emptied. I just didn’t take any of those pictures!! lol!


Dining Room


This is our dining room.  We purchased this dining room set, there is a leaf and two additional chairs, and the china closet/curio cabinet with the house.


Antique Buffet


And, this antique buffet as well!  I absolutely love it!  the items on top are just setting there, waiting for their real home!  It is hard to put things away when most of my furniture is still in Arizona.


Dining Light Fixture


I took a picture of the light fixture so that I could remember the details.  I can’t believe that it is almost 3 ft. across!  You can also see some of the detail of the recessed ceiling.


Front Entry


The front entry is almost a room itself.  I now have a wool rug in there.  It was in my living room here in Arizona!  I’ll get pictures of that when I go back up this fall.

The previous owners have all of the rooms (well almost all) painted green.  The dining area, and the office, are a deep blue/green.  I am going to leave the office in that color, but the rest of the rooms will be painted in various other colors.


Lead Glass Detail

More Lead Glass Detail


I love the lead glass in the windows around the door.




Here is a quick look at the office, and all of the boxes waiting to be unpacked!  This room will be my husband’s ‘den’.




I can’t believe that this is the only picture that I took of the stone fireplace.  I think it was hard to get to it with all of the boxes spread in front of it throughout the room!  There will be a few changes coming to this, I am thinking a wood mantel??  Something just isn’t quite right to me. I think that it needs to have some contrast to make it more interesting and a wood mantel would do that.  We are also thinking that we will put in a wood stove insert down the road.  This location  would allow us to pretty much heat the entire house. And I don’t see any other place we could put one in.  We’ll see…




I quick glimpse into the kitchen.  The living area, kitchen and eating nook are all one room.  The vaulted ceiling really make the space feel open and comfortable.  You can see some of my old jars on the bar here. One of the things that I like to collect.


Eating Nook


Just a quick peak at the eating nook right off of the kitchen.  It looks out to the back deck and the woods.  I am picturing a round table with some comfy chairs with cushions here…… I’ll be hitting the thrift stores and garage sales as soon as I can!

Bedroom Fireplace Tile

OK, I am going to skip a bunch of photos, I just enjoy looking at them so much!!  And skip to the tile that is around the master bedroom fireplace.  It actually presents a problem, maybe you can give me some input.  This bedroom is painted in a pink/peach color. My color is actually blue. Everything that I own is blue!  And looking at this tile, there is a lot of pink in it.  I cannot have this room pink (not a color my hubby would choose, if you know what I mean..) so, do you think a very, very pale blue/gray would work? Maybe I should just do a off-white, or creamy white color?

OK, I think that I will quit rambling on now.  I’ll save some of the pictures to show you my projects when I am working on them.

Thanks so much for letting me share my new home with you! I have lots to do and I hope that you will join me on my journey of making this house a home.

Thanks so much for stopping by!

Take care,









2 responses to “I am moving my home over here…………….

  1. What a beautiful home! And how lucky that you got to purchase that beautiful furniture with the home! Great fireplace, and I adore that eating nook. It looks like all the rooms have great woodwork and nice paint colors too. Congrats on finding such a fabulous home!

  2. beautiful! That fireplace will be so warm and cozy this winter!