On Our Adventure North…..

I started taking some pictures out of the truck window.  I have found that when going on road trips, such as the one we were (on moving some of our treasures up to the new house in Washington), I always wished that I had taken more pictures.  Recorded more of the trip and what we saw and experienced along the way. Even if it was through a bug-ridden front windshield!

These moments only come once, and they are usually pretty fleeting…

I just started snapping pictures of different areas we went through.  Capturing pictures of those areas that were different than what I usually see, recording our adventure.

You can see by some of the pictures that we were whizzing by….and I was attempting to gather as much as I could.

Water!!  Yea!!!

Remember, I am in Arizona… it is mostly dry…

Here is Shasta Lake.  This is such a beautiful place.  I have driven through this area a few times, but for whatever reason it has always been night time and I couldn’t see a thing.

The lake goes on and on, around many bends and coves…

I just kept on snapping pictures (all through the truck windows!!)

Okay, we really did reach the mountain too!

And here is comes!! Mt. Shasta!!

I had to throw one in of the river too….!

I realize that this is getting lengthy, just a couple more.

As we moved past the mountain, there were a few more passes, but they were too hard to record on film from the truck.  The road is narrower and it is hard to take pictures when you are so close to the hillsides.

Then it changes to more rolling hills with valleys, dotted with all kinds of  farms…

I realize there is some blurr in here, but we were on the move!!!

I will stop here because I started diverting my attention to other things along the way, barns!

I absolutely love barns and decided to start recording pictures of all kinds of barns that I saw the rest of the trip north.  I wish that I would have thought of recording them a little earlier, but better late than never!

So if you love barns as much as I do, come back in the next couple of days and I will be sharing some pictures.

Thanks again for coming by, enjoy your day!


2 responses to “On Our Adventure North…..

  1. This was so fun to travel along with you on your road trip! I love how well you documented it. I love seeing the transition of terrain, especially when you get to the lake and the snow-covered mountain. Capturing this sure makes a long trip seem more fun!

  2. i’m looking forward to seeing those barns. I love barns, especially old ones. We took a trip this past week and I noticed a bunch of barns that had quilt squares painted on them. They were beautiful!