Barns – Through a Windshield!!!

As we were making our way up to Washington this last June, moving some of our belongings into our new home, I started noticing how many barns I was seeing.  I love barns and the fact that so many of the wood ones are disappearing is such a tragedy to me.  So I started capturing pictures of them, again through the truck windows (as you can see above).  Many are a little blurred (you should see how many I deleted! oops!)  And many of them have windshield glare, but I hope that you enjoy the sites as much as I do.  Most of these are in western Oregon.

I know that you can barely see this picture, but I included it anyhow, because of the large American flag that was painted on the roof.  Unfortunately, I had a hard time getting this much of a picture driving by so quickly. I hope that you can make out most of it.

I found another one of the flag, when we were coming up to it.  It really took my breath away!

I had to catch this old building that had the look of a General Store.

We also came across of of these metal sculptures.  This one is a dragon.

This barn is slowly sinking, and the brush is taking it over now.

OK, it is getting dark now, and I still have the glare on the windshield. But I hope that you still enjoyed seeing some of the barns that I found through our trip up western Oregon.

For good measure, I am adding a barn from a house that we had wanted to buy (we were too late for this one, already sold) but had the greatest barn!


Thanks for stopping by, and take care!


2 responses to “Barns – Through a Windshield!!!

  1. I used to want to buy a barn and convert it into a house with a lot of loft living space! But it seemed like too much work, especially after watching This Old House work on one. I love this tour of the barns you saw along your way to Washington. Such a great variety of shapes and conditions and age.

  2. I’m with @terriaw, I’ve always thought it would be neat to find a place with an old, but sturdy barn and renovate it into a home. It’s my understanding that it can be quite expensive, but still tuck that back in my mind as an option some day when my husband and I retire… or maybe we should do it NOW before we’re too old to swing a hammer! :) Great pictures.. thanks for sharing them with us. Looks like a fun road trip.