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Busy Time…….

Wow, can you believe that spring is almost here?!  Last week there was snow,

Fiona Checking out the White Stuff!

and today I went outside with a short sleeve shirt on, and sat (ever so briefly) in a chair on my front porch in the sun!  Soaking it up!

Enjoying the March sun

There is a flurry of activity all around me.  The birds have been busy getting their nests ready,

the flower bulbs are poking up

the garlic and rhubarb are well on their way, weeds and all! lol!

Garlic, weeds and all!

Rhubarb shoots coming up

And the trees are starting to bud. I can hardly wait to see the lilacs this year!

Lilac tree leaf buds

Spring can hardly wait to come!

Spring Basket