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Making Spring Baskets

This time of the year most of us start yearning for a little spring color, so I gathered together some baskets, potting soil and a few flowers:

and I made some spring baskets.  Here is how I did them:

I gathered up some potting soil, some wicker baskets (I picked up several at our local Goodwill store), a few primroses and bulbs from the gardening center, and a couple of plastic grocery bags.  I lined the bottom of the baskets with the plastic grocery bag.  This isn’t crucial, but it is a good way to keep the soil and water in a little better, and make the basket last longer.

After lining the baskets with the plastic bags (I rolled the edges down and worked them to fit the basket) I placed a small amount of potting soil in the bottom.  I removed the flowers from their pots, and placed them into the baskets and filled around them with more potting soil. Pack it a little so it supports the plants.

I gathered up some moss from the woods in my backyard and placed it around the plants.  This helps to keep the moisture in the basket to keep your plants fresh longer.  It also gives your basket a little more finished look.  You can use dried moss from your local craft store as well if you don’t have access to moss outside.


I then added a little ribbon bow on the top. I used gingham for some of them and dotted ones on the others.  Anything that says spring!

You can also use a basket like this to put together a collection of house plants if you prefer.  I hope you enjoy!