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Almond Extract

Ever since I wrote the post on the vanilla extract, I had been thinking about making almond extract as well.  I thought that I would  share my process for making the extract with you, since almond extract is wonderful to have for baking!

This is what you need:

raw almonds (whole almonds will work, or you can also use slivered)
a glass jar with a lid
something to use to break up the almonds

I am making a pint of extract.  If you want to make more, please adjust your ingredient amounts accordingly.

I took a small handful of almonds to chop.  I wanted to end up with approximately 2 – 2 1/2 tablespoons of chopped nuts.  You want to chop the nuts to break the outer protective layer and expose the nut meat.

This is what mine looked like after chopping.  Then I just put them into a clean pint size canning jar.

I filled the jar up to the lower rim with vodka, placed a lid on it and shook it up.

I keep my jar in the pantry, near the vanilla that is processing.  I shake it up daily.  The color looks about the same as when I started, because almonds are so light.  I do open up the jar about once a week and smell it, and the almond scent is getting stronger.  I plan on letting this process for a few months so that it has that wonderful almond aroma!

Before using your almond extract, be sure to strain it throught several layers of cheesecloth to remove the nuts. If you’d like, you can leave some of the larger chunks of almond in the jar, just to keep the flavor strong.

I hope you enjoy this!