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Thrift Store Finds

It’s no secret to anyone that knows me, I love to go to thrift stores and garage sales and look for that ‘special treasure’!  I am always on the hunt for canning and storage jars for the pantry, and looking for special containers that work well for food gifts and special vinegars and extracts that I enjoy making.

I have a couple of recent finds that I’m excited about that I would like to share with you today:

I’ve been looking for a scale to use in soapmaking. I absolutely love this one!  It has character. I know it’s not perfect, it has a crack in the finish on the face, but I love it!  The red and white is perfect. And it works.

And then this…..

Yes, a cast iron hand crank grinder!  Some will think this is silly, especially in these days of everything electric and/or electronic.  I do have an electric grinder.  I bartered with someone over 30 years ago for it, so it’s not exactly the latest and greatest.  And it hasn’t been it’s old self lately.  I have only been using it to make my salsa, although I am thinking about grinding my own burger.

Anyhow, since it wasn’t working so well I started looking around for a new grinder.  After researching, and reading reviews on several, I decided that I’d get a hand grinder, after all I use a hand crank can opener too (lol!).  Then I ran into this grinder at the Goodwill, it’s in great shape too…

And I can still get replacement blades online for it, I can’t wait to try it out!

Remember, it’s the little things.  Thanks for stopping by!