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Sauteed Beet Greens

I finally had a chance to get into the vegetable garden and do a bit of work.  It’s just been setting there, doing it’s own thing, while we have been slowly completing the garden gate.

I was in thinning out the few plants that I ended up planting too much, mostly the beets.  As the small pile of seedlings started to add up, I decided this would make a great side dish for our dinner. I haven’t grown beets in many, many years, so it really didn’t occur to me to saute the greens I was pulling.

I ended up with a sink full.  First I cut off all of the roots.  I then washed the greens and put them through  my salad spinner.

I chopped about 1/2 c. of sweet vidalia onion and a couple of cloves of garlic.  You can adjust these amounts to suit you and your family and the amount of greens you are cooking.  I cooked up about 1/2 of what you see here.

Add about 1 tbsp of oil to your pan.  I use cast iron frying pans for all of my frying and to saute.  I used grapeseed oil, but any vegetable or olive oil will work well.

I then added my chopped onion and minced garlic and sauteed them until they were just starting to brown.

I added handfuls of my greens until I had as much as I thought I needed.  Remember that the greens will cook down to less than half of what you add.

I stir them around and mix in the onion and garlic,

 cooking them until they are completely wilted. At this point you can also add other spices such as dried red pepper if you choose.

You can see that the red from the stems turned the onions and garlic a nice red color.

The flavor was very mild, and a nice change from the spinach that I frequently saute.  I hope you enjoy!