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Just Add Paint!

One of the easiest, and most inexpensive ways to renew things is with paint.  I love having the ability to make something that is unattractive useful again, or change a color of a piece of furniture or an accessory to change the look in a room.  I thought that I would show you just a few simple paint projects I did with spray paint, and some acrylic paint that I had on hand.


This little metal table had some turquoise paint that I had applied quite awhile ago.  It was looking more than ‘shabby’ and I decided that I would like it to be white again.  So I scraped the flaking paint, did a little light sanding and sprayed it with a slightly off-white paint.

I left it a little rustic looking, because I do like the ‘shabby’ cottage look, and it is an outside table that I will be using on my front porch.

Here is a little closer look at the top.


Painted Pots


Here I wanted to add some color to some pots that I planted and placed around my patio.

I took some acrylic bottled blue paint that I had and lightened it with some white paint until I reached a blue that I liked.

I just placed it on an old towel and painted the outside until I covered it as much as I thought it needed.  I like to experiment with paint colors and change them as I go along.  Use your imagination and draw or stencil these!  I like to use these colored pots to organize my crafting and sewing things.

I have this tall, slim pot holding my scissors on my sewing table.  I mixed my paint so that the color coordinated with other blue items in my room.

Here I had a basket that I use in the bathroom for trash.  It is painted a dark blue because I had used it in my son’s bath, but now I needed it to have a little more feminine look for my daughter to use.

I started spraying it with a white paint,

until I reached the ‘shabby’ look I wanted for that room.

I also painted this bookcase, which was black, and before that it was brown, so that it blended a little more with my sewing room furnishings.

These are just a few ideas of some of my recent projects.  I bet if you look around your home, you’ll find a lot of things that you can paint!

Thanks for stopping by!