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Garage Sales and Thrift Stores

Since my move to Washington I have been enjoying the fact that I have numerous thrift stores available to me.  I have been making frequent trips looking for things that I can either use as is, or add my own touch remaking into something else.

Picture Frames for??

And now garage sale season has started! Yay!

Plates and Saucers

I have found that I can get the most wonderful things at garage sales.  I love the ones that are located out in the country, away from the home developments.  I guess that the people that live out there just have more things that are to my liking. Maybe we have more in common?

Antique Table & Handmade Crochet Doily

Like this little table with the handmade doily.  My sister and I drove for miles, we really didn’t have any idea where this garage sale was.  Good thing we had the GPS, LOL! And when we got there, the ladies were so friendly, they actually had a lot of people coming and going.  They had plants that they grew and potted in containers, and lots of antique dishes.  They also had cookies! (OK, I didn’t eat any, being good!) and they were obviously people that could take things most would think of as junk, and make it into something wonderful.  My kind of people.

Well, I was looking for a really small table for a corner of my bathroom.  And there it was! This little, adorable table.  And the doily was made by the lady’s mother, and was only $2.  If you can believe that! I don’t know if I am going to leave the table like this, or paint it.  But I absolutely love it!  These are the kind things that end up being my favorite!

Shelf in Bath with Thrift Store Gems

Vanity Stool

Vanity Stool

These are some pictures of some of some of the (many) things I have gathered.  Just a peek!!  I will be talking about most of these later.  After I do a little wall painting, and some remaking, and …………………….

I will show you the before and after pictures as I get them done. I really need to move it, company coming in and out starting next month! Ouch!

Thanks for coming along and sharing with me!