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Are you a DIY’er, crafter or sewer?

If you haven’t found it already, I really want to share this magazine that I discovered earlier this year….

‘do it Yourself’ magazine.  I know it has been around for awhile, but I really didn’t look at it too closely, until this Spring issue. I started browsing, the cover had intrigued me, and I found so much good information that I had to get this issue.  Look at the type of projects that I found:

Sewing ideas,

Organizing ideas,

and projects to help you organize,

I love what they did with this egg carton, reusing/recycling materials and making something useful and cute too,

ways to decorate your walls, and they don’t just show you a picture, but give you step-by-step instructions to you about how to do these projects. The magazine is geared toward home and garden, and there are a lot of craft and sewing projects  in the magazine.

I enjoyed the articles and projects in the Spring issue so much that when I ran across the Fall issue yesterday I grabbed it right away….

And look at some of the great articles that are in this issue:

I am inspired already!

I wanted to share this magazine with you because I feel that it is a great value.  You get so much information about techniques, products and tools to use, inspiration, and help stretching the budget while improving your home (and it is only $4.99 – less if you buy it discounted at places like Walmart). There is also a website where you can access information about several projects, sign up for e-mails and ask experts questions related to your home and garden.  It is called diyideas.com. I will also add a link in my sidebar so you can come back and find it later.

I hope that some of you find this information helpful.

Thanks for stopping by!

Take care,